Our Mission

Gen By Gen Health alleviates caregiving task pressures faced by caregivers through personalized care plans, proactive health strategies, and efficient communication methods. Gen By Gen strives to bring families together through the joys and challenges of caregiving and lay the foundation for collaborative oversight of elderly family members’ healthcare for generations to come.

Gen By Gen Health provides comprehensive medical care management to those residing in independent, assisted, and senior living facilities while serving as a liaison between the family and facility staff. This added layer of care coordination gives a sense of security to residents, peace of mind to families, and ensures your facility is recognized for the high standards of care it provides.

Our Vision

We hope to build a world where recruiting help with caregiving is commonplace and encouraged. And in that world, we want our services to be offered by senior living facilities and physician’s practices as routinely as they offer rooms and prescriptions, respectively.

We want to position ourselves in the insurance landscape such that our services can be offered with coverage, thereby allowing easy and widespread accessibility to all.  We envision a future where our clients can live independently for as long as they wish, surrounded by a community of support that prioritizes their physical, emotional, and social health.

A Word From Our Founder

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