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Central Calendar & Medical Portal

Our user-friendly platform consolidates medical records, appointment details, and important documents, making it easy to keep track of your loved one’s health journey.

Medical Portal


Access to a comprehensive medical portal:

Our system serves as a central hub for all your loved one’s healthcare information.


User-friendly and HIPAA-compliant:

The portal is designed for ease of use and ensures compliance with privacy regulations.



Features include access to medical records, appointment details, and prescription lists.


Active Updates:

We keep everyone updated by diligently uploading medical records, detailed notes from check-in calls, and summaries from appointments to the portal.


Easy Tracking

This approach fosters a collaborative and supportive care environment for your loved one.

What Our Clients Say About Our Medical Portal?

Gen By Gen’s medical portal has been a game-changer for our family. Having all of our loved one’s healthcare information in one place makes it incredibly easy to stay organized and informed. From medical records to appointment details, everything we need is just a click away.

Amanda J.

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