Adam continues to live independently in his own home. The family now has more peace of mind, a better understanding of his disease progression

Patient: Adam

Age: 77 yrs old

Concerns: Parkinson’s Disease, Gait Instability, Dysphagia

Time Since Enrollment: 6 months


Adam was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease(PD) 11 years ago. His family approached GxG after the passing of his wife to help manage his care. Adam’s goal was to be functional and remain independent as long as possible.

Our Success in Numbers

Total # of Appointments:

  • 16 appointments across four specialties in six months
  • 24 PT appointments across two PT specialties in six months

Preventative Health Screenings:

  • 4 total across all body systems.


  • $300/mo on drug cost.
  • $600/mo on home health cost
  • $200 in Durable Medical Equipment Cost

Medications Managed:

  • 6 total meds with 2 specialty meds.
  • One medication sourced from Canada for a lower cost.
  • One medication obtained for free by enrollment in a specialty drug savings program.

Our Services to Adam

Home Health Aide

Connected Adam to an at-home health aid fluent in the patient’s preferred language who was on-boarded to do housework, groceries, meal prep, and cleaning.

Physical Therapy

Secured sessions with a PT group that specializes in movement disorder.

Medication Analysis

Consolidated all prescriptions to CVS Caremark and enrolled in home delivery.

Fall Prevention

Purchased items to fall-proof his home; coordinated installation.

Online Therapy

Enrolled Adam in an online speech and swallow therapy course at no cost.

Cognition Support

Memory proofed his home to help with sleep-wake cycles and orientation to time, place, and day.

His family wanted to structure his care so that it could be understood and managed by remote members.

Our Services to Adam’s Family

Gathered records from all primary and specialty physicians and consolidated it into our portal.

Schedule all appointments six months in advance and place them on our central calendar.

Secured a neurologist with specialty in PD to review care from past years and bring new perspective in management.

Brokered candid conversations about PD progression & timeline to find either placement in a facility or full-time at home care.

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