Todd continues to live in an Assisted Living facility and now has a team dedicated to his success with mobility and movement.

Patient: Todd

Age:  85 years old

Concerns: Parkinson’s Disease, Vascular Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy, Overactive Bladder, Chronic Back Pain

Time Since Enrollment:  3 months


Todd was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) five years ago. He was moved to an Assisted Living Facility after the passing of his wife, who used to be his caretaker. Todd has limited mobility, chronic pain, and has suffered falls. His four children want to optimize his care and overall well-being at the facility.

Our Success in Numbers

Total # of Appointments:

  • 4 appointments across four specialties in six months


  • $600/mo on additional costs from assisted living facility by hiring private pay home health aid.
  • $30/mo from a duplicate medication detected during medication analysis.

Medications Managed:

  • 13 medications

Our Services to Todd

Find New Specialist

Searched and scheduled a new Neurologist for a second opinion on PD medication management as it relates to mobility

Assisted Living Liaison

Met with the Resident Care Director at the assisted living to organize daily caretaking tasks for Todd per the family’s wishes and implemented a system by which its completion can be reported to the family; with specific attention to mobility and socialization.

Chronic Pain Management

Todd’s chronic pain was being managed with medication only. Searched and scheduled a Pain Management specialist and advocated for Interventional Radiology guided procedures for better pain control.

Improved Mobility

Met with in-house PT/OT and established a structured PT program to accomplish mobility goals set by family, neurologist, and pain management.

Home Health Aide Selection

Set up interviews with home health companions for the family to select from; the one hired cares for Todd and his cat, Earl.

Our Services to Todd’s Family

United four adult children living in different states on a single communication platform.

Facilitated informed discussions by addressing diverse questions based on each child’s perspective.

Select from one of our affordable tiers and experience the Gen by Gen difference

Provided instant access to medication details and appointment information through a dedicated app.

What we did for the assisted living?

Acted as a liaison between Todd’s dedicated nursing aid and his family, keeping them informed and involved in his care.

Organized and monitored Todd’s medication regimen, ensuring accuracy in dosages, timely refills, and communication of any changes to the facility.

Researched and arranged for durable medical equipment, enabling Todd to participate more actively in meals and social outings.

Found new providers, saving them time on administrative tasks.
Arranged new prescriptions for defined therapy.

Worked closely with in-house physical and occupational therapy providers to support Todd’s rehabilitation and prevent falls.

Helped retain Todd as a resident by providing alternative solutions to escalation at an affordable price for the family.

Testimonial from Todd’s Family

Our family hired Gen By Gen to manage our Dad’s care. He is living in an assisted living residence and is very well cared for but he suffers from Parkinson’s disease and other medical issues. We are a “hands-on family” and were skeptical of whether or not we needed a service such as Gen By Gen to help with my Dad’s care. In the short time that we have employed them, they found a new neurologist for our Dad, a new spine and pain management doctor and they accompany us (virtually) on our doctor’s visits. This “listening in” has proven to be the most valuable because their PA will listen in, ask medical questions about our Dad, and confer with the doctor on best practices for him. Information that we would never know to ask or suggest because we are not doctors! Then, before the end of the day, the notes from the visit are written up (with action items!) and emailed to our family so we’re all getting the same accurate information about his visit. This has been so helpful for us to know that we have a medical professional monitoring his care and making sure he gets the best care possible!

Thank you Gen By Gen!

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