Katy no longer remains behind the preventive care and continues to get all the care she is past due on.

Patient: Katy

Age: 64years old

Concerns: Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, COPD, Osteoporosis, Sciatica, GERD, Leg Pain of Unknown Cause, Back Pain

Time Since Enrollment: 5 months


Katy raised five children as a single mother during her lifetime and recently became an empty nester. She started experiencing bilateral leg pain and back pain that prohibited her from doing the most important activity in her life: praying. The pain interfered with her ability to care for her medical conditions. Katy wanted her pain gone.

Our Services to Katy

Find New PCP

Search and scheduled appointments to investigate underlying cause: Podiatry, Vascular, Orthopedic, Interventional Radiology

Find a Physical Therapist

Sourced and scheduled physical therapist that patient enjoyed working with until finally experiencing relief

Schedule Wellness Services

Sourced and scheduled wellness services such as acupuncture to complement above measures.

Katy’s children are concerned that she is behind in preventative care and isn’t getting the most out of her doctor’s appointments because she doesn’t speak fluent English. They want to optimize her health insurance benefits and give her all the care she is past due on.

Our Services to Katy’s Family

Find New PCP

Sourced and scheduled a new Primary Care Physician; one who rebooted Katy’s care journey.

Preventative Care Catch Up

Scheduled four preventative studies and cancer screenings; caught up on vaccination series.

Consolidated Health Information

Real time reporting for all arranged logistics (transportation, records transfer, appointment intakes, etc) and visit summaries after accompaniment on one platform for Katy’s five children to follow.

Our Success In Numbers

Total # of Appointments:

  • 14 appointments across four specialties in five months
  • 30 PT appointments across two PT specialties in five months

Preventative Health Screenings:

  • 4 total across all body systems.


  • $600/mo on home health cost
  • $2000 on a procedure that was deemed unnecessary after a second opinion.

Medications Managed:

  • 10 medications